Sunday, March 20, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn

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With Japan’s earthquake-induced-Tsunami-induced-almost-nuclear-meltdown out of the way, we have another made-for-media mini-war. Operation Odyssey Dawn – live on Al-Jazeera for extra credibility. During some outraged moments, @joydas tweeted this and here’s a cartoon based on it. Thanks @joydas.

End of Libya War will be dividing it into 3 parts - Unleaded, Premium and Diesel

Operation Odyssey Dawn

I think the world is smarter than it looks, especially when we least expect it . The UN resolution for imposing a no-fly zone may have been on the edge, but it is legal. And it may save a lot of lives in Benghazi, where the situation has worsened. But today’s strikes by the French and the Americans, seemingly to weaken Gaddafi’s forces for enforcing the no-fly zone without opposition, crossed the line. While Britain and France seem to be looking for their long lost leadership (and relevance) on the world stage, the US, by staying on the ‘leading edge’ of operation Odyssey Dawn, seems to be saying “we’ll show you how it is done”.

There may be no shock and awe this time, but the message is clear. The West will continue furthering the cause of freedom and democracy in illiberal states by taking down dictators who have served their purpose. The other owners of countries can relax, as long as they can put down rebellion before the world’s cameras turn towards them.

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