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Ran into this news article yesterday - There's a conspiracy to eliminate me using black magic: Yeddyurappa – and the inimitable @rameshsrivats tweeted this in response:


It proved a bit difficult to convert this tweet into a cartoon, but here’s a variation. Hope you like it :-)

Voodooyurappa - BS Yeddyurappa

P.S: there is an alternate version with the humble farmer in it, but it didn’t really work for me.


Ram Kumar Hariharan said...


Ganesh said...

Very nice

What's in a name? said...

Another possible comic idea -
Begin Quote-->
"It is true that too many children die from malnutrition each year in this country. Some of their parents also die from starvation and hunger. But the children are more vulnerable … one of the reasons is the widespread 'irregularity' in the state and central government services … the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state is a very kind person … the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres is not a solution for the millions of malnourished children. These centres are not cost effective. But now that the centres are there we must effectively use them. My suggestion is to appoint a Brahmin priest in each of these centres and require the priest to verify the horoscope of every child brought to the centre. After studying a child's horoscope if the priest is of the opinion that the child will grow into a good citizen of this country, it must be provided treatment at the centre. For the rest, I would say, let us just leave them to their fate … if not where do we stop? … We cannot spend government money like this…" (Statement and opinion of Justice Ms. Sheela Khanna, the Chairperson of Madhya Praesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, made to the AHRC staff members during a visit to the Commission in October 2010).
<--End Quote

Trishul Palekar said...

1a. "It is, of course, unfair to generalize that all BJP-RSS-Hindutva supporters are abusive (there are some Congress supporters too),"
The above statement contradicts the following statement
1b."but it is not unreasonable to conclude that most of the abuse originates from BJP-RSS-Hindutva supporters."

2. Also, by "most", shall we say 51%-49% split? That is also most. Or is it more like 70%-30% coz that is also most. "Most" is a word loved by journalists who wish to propagate their (emphasis added) views as facts. Unfortunately, the word "most" when used as in 1. above, will irritate anyone who is analytical and can see through the farce.

3. For someone is sitting on the right, all the abuse comes from the left. I am a right-winger, so if I write a blog, I will say "most of abuse comes from Congress supporters, BJP walas do it too, but it mostly originates from the Congress-side". I can even show/cite abusive tweets from Congress-supporters to back my claim while covering up the abusive tweets from the right. This is an art and I like to call it "selective observations". TCP hasn't done anything different.

4. The Comic Project blogger obviously leans away from the BJP (don't know if he leans towards Congress or not) and hence is likely to selectively observe and document abuses coming from the right while downplaying the abuses coming from the left. Nothing wrong with it. We all have biases. The author is not a journalist and hence he is within his rights to have a bias and even disguise his bias as a centrist's viewpoint. Bias only becomes a problem when one has the power to move public opinion, journos for example. Its ok for even the journalists to have a bias as long as they put out a disclaimer about it, because without a disclaimer, bias is nothing but propaganda.


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