Friday, March 12, 2010

Adios FTV!! (for 10 days)

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The I&B ministry recently banned FTV for 10 days – Press release here. Of course, I am a long time fan of FTV, so my view is biased, but I am more worried about the time spent on these things instead of more pressing issues.

One would think that a Government with almost a clear mandate would know what it is doing but UPA 2.0 seems to have its priorities totally mixed up. Prices are out of control, the perpetrators of multiple terrorist attacks have not been brought to book, foreign policy is in shambles and there’s 4 more years to go!! *shudder*.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Parenthesis

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From “Up in the Air” – A scene between Ryan (George Clooney) and Alex (Vera Farmiga) that I have no words to describe. And it’s a brilliant, must-watch movie.

(Ryan's phone rings)
Ryan: Alex?
Alex: what were you thinking showing up at my door like that?
Ryan: What do you mean? I wanted to see you, I didn't know you had a family? Why wouldn't you tell me that?
Alex: Look, I'm sorry I ruined your evening but I'm.. You could've seriously screwed things up for me. That's .. that's my family. That's my real life.
Ryan: I thought I was a part of your real life
Alex: I thought we signed up for the same thing.
Ryan: Try and help me understand. Exactly, what is it that you signed up for?
Alex: I thought our relationship was perfectly clear. I mean.. You are ... an escape. You're a break from my normal life. You are ... a parenthesis.
Ryan: I'm a parenthesis?
Alex: I mean ...what do you want? (pause)
Alex: Tell me what you want.
Ryan: (Silence)
Alex: You don't even know what you want
Alex: I'm a grown up, ok? So, if you would like to see me again, then give me a call. (pause)
Ryan: ...
(disconnects phone)


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