Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank You Delhi

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The Commonwealth Games came to an end with a grand closing ceremony that I MEdalTallywas not able to watch, along with most of the games news in the last 2-3 days. India’s hockey loss was sad, but Saina Nehwal came from a game down, and won the gold medal in Badminton. India also ended up 2nd in the games (38 Gold medals, out of the 101 medals our athletes won. Australia topped the medals tally and England came third. But while I was catching up on the day’s events, I saw a tweet from Tweet@madversity, and I knew there was a cartoon there somewhere. I know we need reality checks, but there are enough people doing that - pointing out how shitty a country we are, worrying about Kalmadi getting away, how the last 12 days have been a horrible experience for the common man – all true but it’s ok to be happy for a moment.
So here’s a happy cartoon (not the sadder, darker one I had in mind) – depicting the top 3 performing countries at the games.

And a thank you to Delhi for putting up a great show - from a Bambaiyya.

Thank You Delhi


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