Saturday, October 09, 2010

Liu Who?

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This is not a jingoistic cartoon but it's worthwhile revisiting the contrast. On one hand, the world can't stop commending the Nobel committee's decision on awarding Liu Xiaobo the Peace Prize, while I wonder how many Chinese know (or even care) about Liu Xiaobo and his battle for fundamental human rights in China.

Maybe it is none of our business to comment about what is happening in China (a booming economy and a superpower) - Liu Xiaobo is under arrest for breaking Chinese laws - but how long can we ignore a regime that continues clamping down on democracy and basic human rights that most of the world takes for granted?

Morality aside, the real matter of interest is to see how China flexes its muscles and if the Norwegians blink (there are about 200 Norwegian firms doing business in China). And how the world reacts to that. It will be a template that the rest of the world will have to fit into sooner or later. Don’t the nukes that the Soviets and Americans pointed at each other during the Cold war seem tame in comparison?

Check out last year’s Nobel peace prize cartoon.


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