Friday, April 10, 2009

Next week…

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is a big week. TCP (started April 17, 2005) will complete 4 years of existence if you ignore the 9 months of silence and another few months of thanda thanda posting. Last year, at this time, I had no idea there would be another year of blogging and I am glad I did return for this has been an eventful 4th year. A year of a mini comeback, change, anger, defiance, new friends, redesign, commando comics, milestones, Mr.India, collaborating, original content and a year of slowly falling back in love with this blog after the ugliness of the past. But more than that, this was a year of understanding the importance of having a voice and using it.

And during the next week, I am planning to complete the pilot episode of The India Project, or “The Great Indian Comic Project” as it’s likely to be called.

Next week is..also anniversary week :-) but this will be a relatively quiet one compared to the parties we have had here in the previous years (see #121, #122, #123, #124, #125, #126, #127 and #200). I will post 2 comics – one is a Mandrake title “The Claws of Treachery” and the other is a contribution sent in by VenKIT – the last Indrajal ever published.

Next week…is a week of planning, of decisions.

Many thanks for visiting TCP. You have been a great support.


Jai said...

There must be many like me who have come recently to your site.
I cannot speak for others, but for myself, I will say that yours is a great blog site.
My wish and hope is that it will continue even for four more years and yet four more too.

kk said...

4 years? This blast er ... blog lasted longer than the original Dara comic run. Congrats on turning the tides of the internet culture where you wanted it to go. :)

Rafiq Raja said...

Advance Congratulations TCP, for the upcoming 4th year successful run.

Unlike others you have set yourself and your blog to last longer, even if all the IJC's get over, and that's what matters. You have given a platform for us to raise our voice, and what better way than that to utilise the thousands of visitors who keep coming back, to share a common platform.

Wish you many more wonderful years, comics posting, and your own comics projects all along the way.


Indrajal Comics Club said...

we all are waiting for the moment...

The Comic Project said...

@jai: Thanks buddy. Have run out of Indrajals...finally but some reinvention is in order
@kk: Didn't know Dara lasted less than this :p. I must admit, I didn't know if there would be any takers for this, and the response has been beyond my imagination. Thanks.
@Comicology: Love your name, I wish I had thought about it when TCP started. Some of the things posted has driven away comic lovers and I feel bad about it, but somewhere along the way I realised that this blog had the potential to do more. I just didn't know what or how but getting there, only have to work out a few more things. Thanks for coming back again and again.
@ICC: 1 more week to go for the last IJC published, 1 comic before that, and maybe an announcement or two in between. Interesting it's going to be.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

I’m sure mostly visitors will find time to say thanks. You will see yourself. Eagerly waiting 17th April and your new project.

Anonymous said...

I first discovered your blog in 2006 and been regular from that time. You started all this and I am so much thankful to you.May god bless you.

The Comic Project said...

@prabhat: Not sure if Apr 17 will be the launch but working hard towards completing the pilot and the script for the "blank" comic and the continuation which was .. THE match .. you know which one. And visitors, are always welcome :-)
@shobi: hey buddy, long time no see. And 2006 seems so long ago. Happy to keep the smiles going during such weird times..recession or politicians..bent upon making us bang our heads :-)

Comicology said...

Good you liked the COMICOLOGY name TCP. One of the first names I hit when I thought about starting a Comics blog, as I always thought that Comics itself is a Art of Science on its own.

Hope you remember reading my rant about why I chose the name, in my first ever post on Comicology. :) over here: Let's Celeberate Comics

Good that my decision seems to have given me a good label to be identified with, among comics friends.

The Comic Project said...

@Comicology: That's not a rant :)

Anonymous said...

I had recently found this blog. Really, It made me think of my good old days, when I had spent almost whole day in the old book shop just to read COMICs.Almost I have been an addict to that at that time.

But now since we are all running behind the "money", we almost forgot to spend some time. This blog surely had brought back all the memories. Keep up the good work.

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