Friday, April 03, 2009

Doodh Ka Karz :-)

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A random web/newspaper article and a conversation around that can lead to some funny things. This one titled “BJP forms panel to milk Varun Gandhi issue” led to a TCP Toon on the vote milking panel (click here to visit the TCP Facebook page). But as it often happens, someone had a better idea. @manuscrypts sent me the poster of a film called “Doodh Ka Karz”. What happened in the next 15 minutes was fun for me. Hope you enjoy it too :-)

1.Doodh Ka Karz - Milk

Will update this tomorrow with my take on Sanjay Dutt and Samajwadi Party.

vaastav - the reality


Rafiq Raja said...

Heah TCP... nice graphics, and the one which says the current stupid political propaganda, in the true light it deserves. By the way, Fly You Fools site should have got the credit for your work, since you are a member there :).

I am bugged off by the recent media attention towards this Varun fellow. They are propelling him to stardom, without he deserving even 1% of it. What he said on the Screens, wouldn't have mattered or heard even for the lesser sect of the public. But the media attentions, and every half an hour news coverage detailing his escapade, and showers over his courage (?!!), is making me sick. No news channels are leading the way of driving away from these cheap publicity, and they seem to fighting for TRP ratings....

I have stopped watching News Channels, and prefer to read the newspaper, where I atleast have freedom to chose the material which I desire. Enough with all media power.... F*** Off.

By the way Me the first. I didn't want to announce it, but it going by Cloudy & Sunshine, it seems you have to claim it to earn the accolades... Hehehehehehe...


Indrajal Comics Club said...


The Comic Project said...

@Comicology: thanks. The media is crazy, hypes up everything. This poster was about having some fun, "doodh" being a play on the media's weird headlines. Sab dhandha hai yaar. I am hoping there will be more opportunities during the next few weeks, except some people will provide more opportunities. No plan to spare anyone :-)
@ICC: Ab what to do..these people say and do things that can't be stopped but at least made fun of :-)

Sunshine said...

Hmm.. so I have to claim 2nd this time?

(Rafiq: Now, be a nice guy and let me have the 1st spot. :))

The Comic Project said...

@sunshine: 2nd you are.. I am glad at least there are 2 people playing this game :-)

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