Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Comic #235: Phantom – The Gold Fetters – Part II

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Here’s Part II of the comic posted yesterday. Enjoy!!!

Something interesting happened yesterday. In the heat of Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh, rode into town and proclaimed “We will make Mumbai a global city”. Well, here’s what I think about that!!

Mumbai-Global City

Not very difficult to figure out what I’m trying to say I hope? There’s another image on TCP’s facebook fan page – a movie poster. Feel free to check it out. Link is in the right sidebar.


Happy Vishu and Happy Baisakhi and Shubho Naba Barsho


Rahul Viswanath said...

TCP : All fun .... Happy Vishu :)

Srikanth said...

I claim first and second for the second part! Thanks a lot.

The Great People Of India said...

No its not difficult to figure it out. But whats the alternative? .Happy Vishu

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Hoping all are understanding. Another clean 6 runs by TCP. :)))

Comicology said...

Heah TCP: Didn't know you are posting the second part within days.... otherwise would n't have asked to break your tradition :)

Thanks for the second part to the Gold Rush :).. I still remember reading this comic back then, and was aspiring to land on a beach like this some day. Then after watching Leanordo's The Beach movie, I buried all those hopes quickly. :)

Happy New Year to all who celeberate the day :)


Comicology said...

Forgot to add, that was a nice comic on Manmohan's speech. Another TCP classic.

By the way, there are lot more humors are in line to follow, with the election heating up. The worst is yet to boil out, stay Tuned :)


The Comic Project said...

@Rahul: :)
@Srikanth: claiming isn't done this way but since there are not a lot of people playing, you can play with the rules :)
@TGPOI: That's true, but we still need to do what we can to keep them on their toes
@Prabhat: :-) Creating this is fun, the reactions even more
@Comicology: That was always the plan, now if you don't read a post..what can I do :p
@Comicology: 90% inspiration from our horrible politicians, 10% perspiration

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