Monday, April 13, 2009

Comic #234: Phantom – The Gold Fetters – Part I

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Celebration time!!! All are welcome for a full week of comics - 4 to posted this week, starting with Part 1 of Phantom – The Gold Fetters. This comic was sent to me by Prabhat (of Books & Comics) and scanned by Misraji, so that I could post 4 comics to celebrate the 4th anniversary of this blog. Thanks Prabhat & Misraji.

Some milestones have been reached during the last year, I am sure you have noticed but in case you haven’t, I will revisit them in the next few posts. I also know that I haven’t posted too many details about “The India Project” and those details will be up in the next 1-2 weeks.

So, enjoy this comic and join the celebrations - leave a comment, let a friend know…throw a shoe or whatever!!!


Srikanth said...

Thank you TCP! I am first and I claim first! But I wait for the second (part!)

Rafiq Raja said...

Oh... I would claim second then, since Sunshine wouldn't be interested to do so :)

By the way TCP, thanks for the 1st part Phantom and looking forward for the second, which I guess you could have posted along over here to complete the set :)

Also, looking forward for your Great india Project.... as guessed, it is indeed the Kapil Dev Heroic Blacked Out Day of Cricket... Looking forward for it.


Indian said...

Thanx for all your contributions! I truly appreciate it.

Looking forward for your "The India Project".

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Dear TCP,

Your are source of motivation of many contemporary Indrajal bloggers. We are lucky, enjoying your posts again. Like old wine these are being more tasty than earlier.

I don't drink, but all my friends take, living aboard since last 19 years. I learn from others experiences too. :)

Have a nice week. All fans are with you.

The Comic Project said...

@Srikanth: Now that's the spirit :-)
@Comicology: I post one comic a day..tradition :-) Yeah, working on the great indian comic project too..too much to do..too little time
@Indian: Thanks..hoping not to disappoint. There's a preview, have a look
@Prabhat: Recently I Was told that I don't know how to take a compliment, and the lady was right :-) Thanks buddy. When you don't drink, all you see what happens to those who drink..but not why..and how ;-) but no drinking is good..good

Uma said...

Thanks a lot for the posts. I grew up with these comics. They made my day today :) - Uma

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