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Mr.India - The Comic Book - Full release

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Thanks for the warm response for Part 1 :-) TCP Khush Hua!!!

I hope you had a great New Year's eve and 2009 started with a bang. For TCP, it most certainly did and there will be some pics later.

Before we get to the comic, I want to share some trivia about the film that was posted in the comments by Comic World and ToonFactory.

1. The film was actually written with Amitabh Bachchan in mind but once he refused to be invisible, the film remained unsold for sometime, Javed sahab changed the Protagonist's name from Vijay to Arun and rest as we all know, is History
2. Mr.India was the last movie written together by writer duo Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar
3.In this movie actor Aftab Shivdasani and choreographer Ahmad Khan worked as child artistes
4.Anil Kapoor had preserved that coat with utmost care which he wore in this movie and considers it as his lucky charm

TCP's Trivia: :-)
1. I was watching this movie on VCR with almost all but 3-4 kids from our building. When the movie ended, we found out that one of them - the biggest kid amongst us all - had fallen off the Jamun tree. It turned out that he had tied a rope to one of the branches and tried to swing to another, trying to do a Spiderman (although Tarzan was more appropriate). The branch broke and he fell about 2 floors and cracked his head. Luckily, nothing bad happened and he was back playing football in a few days, kicking our feet instead of the ball as always and we knew that he was perfectly fine.
2. "Kaate nahi katte" was the second song playing on my recorded cassette and each time the song ended, I had to rewind and play the song again. I got impatient and recorded a 60 minute blank cassette, both sides, with the same song and just played the cassette start to end :-)

Interesting link
Toonfactory has this interesting article on Understanding Superheroes the Indian way. Don't forget to play the Youtube video on that post :-)

But before I go, one question - if you were to give this an alternate ending, what would it be?

Enjoy the comic :-) and like before, suggestions and feedback is eagerly awaited.

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Note: You can move the mouse over the slideshow and use the controls that appear at the bottom to pause it.
Note: Don't miss pages 26 and 27 :-) And the last 2-3 pages.

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No Flickr or Picasa Links provided but clicking on the slideshow should take you to the Picasa Album images. I have also removed the download links in the previous post and the slideshow, but kept the cover.


Rahul Viswanath said...

TCP Khush Hua !!! Hum be Khush hogaye ...... My hindi is bad !!

Lol ..... keep going TCP .... TCP

Toonfactory said...

Hey TCP, thanks for your kind Gesture :) Toonfactory Khush Huaa.. I remember in Childhood I always wanted an alternate ending where Mogambo is actually saved by Sambha who is masterless after Gabbar's arrest. Both of them plan a Prison Break to bring out Gabbar. Mogambo's body is burnt 80% and looks a bit like Two Face (though I haven't had read any Two Face Story till then), he comes back with Gabbar to take a revenge. Mr.India is joined by Ajooba, Shehenshah & Bahadur..I used to make wire frame Puppets and used to write dialogues with some cliched Takia Kalaams for my Super Heroes and in my version I had a brutally shot Toofan killing Gabbar & Mogambo before dying.. (I had another Amitabh Character in story as I can't see Big B Dying)... Thanks for bringing back those fond memories back. Lol

BTW They are anyways doing a sequel to Mr.India.

a ppcc representative said...


Just found this because of your referring link to my blog (thanks!) and OMG thanks for comic bookizing my most beloved film.


Beth said...

Too cool!

KeepingItSimple said...

AWESOME !!! Ekdum Zhakaas !!!

dustedoff said...

Interesting :-). I don't remember Mr India too well - I saw this movie a very long time back. But yes, this comic is quite, quite amazing! Must've taken you a huge amount of effort. Which movie next? ;-)

The Comic Project said...

@Rahul: Doesn't matter how bad the hindi - you got the message across :-) Glad you enjoyed
@Toonfactory: Haha quite an alternate ending with every possible character added as "special appearance" :-) Still have those wireframe puppets? you should put 'em up. I heard about the sequel, don't care much for it :-)
@ppcc: you are welcome buddy. ppcc is awesome. Trying to put up a non-comic blogroll of things blogs I like, you will surely be there
@Beth: Thanks :-) I figured you would like it
@KeepingItSimple: That's the second Jhakaas in two posts - Andar Bahar made it famous. Thanks :)
@dustedoff: hope the comic refreshed the little memory you had of Mr.India or brought it into focus :-) And that's the attitude I like - "which movie next?" :-) Haven't really thought of it, doing a comic this way is challenging for me, pushes me to look for something that I don't really do well. But there will be more. I promise.

Cloudy said...

Don't know about the ending, but I would definitely change the bit about the little girl getting killed. Maybe giver her a dog and get that killed instead. Equally poignant, but it's still not a little child....

Oh, first by the way, and this is for you AKinNYC - who wrongly claimed first in the previous post.

The Comic Project said...

@Cloudy: The dog idea is interesting..tina was the cutest kid in the film ..she says "yeh hathkadi kya hoti hai?" in one of the scenes and it sounds great"

Haha ... yeah she did claim it wrong :-)

rahulmunshi said...

This is awesome work. Wonderful effort towards realization of a unique idea.
This should revolutionize the perception of comics itself.
Looking forward to more such work.

A special request: please cover Kanti Shah's Gunda (1998). It is an unforeseen legend and you can fathom its impact from the dedicated blogs for this movie.

Once again.... great job and thank you for the same. :)

The Comic Project said...

@rahulmunshi: Thanks :-)
Filmi comics were quite a rage in the late 80s and 90s. I recall having seen a couple before I got bored with them. So it's not quite really the most original of ideas but it hasn't been tried in a while as far as I know.

Kanti Shah's Gunda hmm, it's got a IMDB rating of 8.2 hehe, let me see what I can do.
Thanks again and hope there will be stuff here for you to keep coming back :)

Toonfactory said...

Haha TCP...have lost those puppets long back..though still have some cut marks on my hands which I earned making the puppets...
@ Cloudy- the cute lil gal is now a Cute young lady who was with Channel [V]behind the camera though..she is a creative producer as far as I know.. I really hated the scene when she dies..remember how sweet she was when she said - Arun Bhaya inspite of Arun Bhaiya

The Comic Project said...

@Toonfactory: That's interesting info...but was to be expected - that she would be a "cute young lady" :-) yes and I remember the "bhaya" part..loved how she spoke..

Cloudy said...

Good to know 'tina' is doing well :-) If there's one thing I hate more than kids getting killed in films, it's watching them lose their childhood in real life. This Darsheel kid now, I hope advertisers leave him alone and his parents have enough sense to shield him from all the (short-lived) adulation.

theBollywoodFan said...

This was a lot of fun, TCP! Must have been even more fun coming up with it! Agreed on Mogambo being cooler than Gabbar. I think I was seven when I saw the film around the time it was released. And remember really liking it (except that song with Sridevi in a blue saree, which would mysteriously be fast forwarded by my parents every time I played it, LOL).

Anonymous said...

fari ek vaar mr.india jova nu man thai gayu...

The Comic Project said...

@Anonymous I can't answer you in Gujarati but go watch :-) and have a lot of fun.

Indian Comics said...

hmmm mugamboo khus hua.........

日月神教-任我行 said...


kaprasanna said...

Brilliant work. Brought back memories of childhood. Wonder when I'll finish reading all your other comics!
Good luck.

Himanshu Vora said...

Good to visit Mr. India via this comic. Mr. India is one of my most favorite Indian fantasy, sci-fi film. Another one being Eega. Only these 2 thats it as of now.

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