Monday, January 12, 2009

L.K Advani joins the blogwagon

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Blogs are suddenly big. First it was Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, Shekhar Kapur has one. Now L.K Advani, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has joined.

Personally, I think this is a good move. While this won’t have the impact like Barack Obama’s in the US, this gives the former deputy PM (and the BJP) a headstart in connecting with those who populate the internets, help him start off discussions, dry run ideas if required and see how it is received.

What do you think? ---
Will this impact the elections in any way?
Will it help take the focus off his advanced age (as blogging is a very young platform, mostly adopted by the young)?
How do you think the Congress will respond?

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prerna said...

I don't think it would make a big impact on the results of the elections. The %of bloggers that vote is not very big and internet is still not easily accessible in rural India. The lower middle class and the poor are the ones that vote in large numbers and decide the outcome of the elections in India

The Comic Project said...

@prerna: Thx for dropping by. Yes, the number of bloggers is very small to have an impact. In 5 years? can't be sure.

Rahul Viswanath said...

Not a big fan of him ...... :)

The Comic Project said...

@rahul: it's not like someone's going to do an obama girl equivalent for him anyway :) He is desperate to be PM and while I may dislike that, I also realise that politicians get into politics with an eye on the big prize and if they make a positive difference along the way, we are supposed to put them on a pedestal. Advani, who has the best chance with an ineffective Congress govt. at the centre, is no different

I think it is a good move because the one who gets the attention of the Indian bloggers is going to get some benefits, and it enables us to engage politicians to some extent as not all of us can be in politics. And may the smarter guy win.

Chirag Jethmalani. said...

Mr. Advani is folowing Obamas Foot steps. He should do some thing more innovative.
Advani as a Blogger

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