Friday, January 30, 2009

Infinite Canvas and Mr.India

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Infinite Canvas is a Microsoft Live Labs project – a new way of looking at comics on the web, developed by Ian Gilman.

Infinite Canvas is a JavaScript application that frees visual storytelling from the usual comic format of squares on a page. It started to take off when Neil Gaiman (whom Ian describes as “one of the gods of the sci-fi/fantasy world”) tweeted about a piece he put up called “The Day The Saucers Came.”

Take a look at Infinite Canvas and see if you see the future of comics on the web.

Thanks to @pdileepa who tipped me off on Infinite Canvas, I tried out this cool application on Mr.India – The Comic Book that was recently published on this blog.

Please have a look at Mr.India on Infinite Canvas and let me know what you think.

Controls: To zoom up/down, use the mouse wheel. There are buttons at the bottom to move from one slide to next but the size of this comic is not very optimal, so click and drag the mouse to move around.

This won’t be taking over as a new format for TCP as it is experimental and you never know when projects such as these get scrapped, but it is the most exciting way to view comics on the web and I had to explore it.

You can also go to the Infinite Canvas Home Page and look at other comics. Thanks Microsoft Live Labs.

Happy Birthday Motku

Btw, today is also the day when Gandhiji was assassinated.


Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for alerting me on the new comics readers from MS, TCP. Will give it a try.

Finally, not only Claim, I am the First too....

Toonfactory said...

Ohhh Great TCP....Neil Gaiman is one of my most fav. writers comic books and otherwise...Love his Sandman Series, Eternals, Violent Cases and many others..wil check this out right away

The Comic Project said...

@Comicology: It is always fun to bring in interesting and new stuff to readers here. Frankly, it is a direct result of talking about various topics, helps plug into people who I learn a lot from. If I stick only to comics, I will post once in 10-15 days and that's not engaging enough.
@Toonfactory: So what do you think? Did you like Infinite Canvas? All I am waiting for is a plugin :-)

motku said...

Thank you TCP. RIP MG. Burn In Hell NG.

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