Friday, January 09, 2009

Comic #226: Flash Gordon - Plutonium Raiders

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Flash Gordon comic for the weekend. This was sent in by a new contributor - VenKIT but let's just call him VenKIT Walker :-)

Here's the cover.

VenKit sent in a high-res version that I have converted into low-res. Download links will be up by tomorrow and will be posted on the page + low-res on comiclinks. Following the footsteps of other bloggers who have been doing this for quite some time although I really enjoy "presenting" the comics.

Page 9 is missing. Will try to have it up as soon as/if I can.


Have a great weekend.

Don't forget to leave your opinions about new look TCP and your suggestions for a new tag line.

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The Comic Project said...

Cloudy posted in the previous post where I announced that a new comic was coming up:
About the new look TCP

Nice, but being a sucker for nostalgia, I had kind of gotten used to the old template - still, if you like it...

And of course, first :-)

--- But she will have to claim her first position again on this one..or since I deleted that post, do I just let her take the first position?

Rafiq Raja said...

Nah... me the First.... :)

A Flash Gordon goldie, eager to see them when it gets done.

Rafiq Raja

Colonel Worobu said...

Me 2th! :o)

Glad to see a Flash Gordon comics. Any chance of posting the hi-res version in addition to the low-res? If it is too much trouble, then no problems.

Nice new look for the blog. I am personally grateful you did not go with the black background. That stuff is murder on the eyes.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Me firsttttttttttttttttt

On a more serious note... why does the slide show just zip? I cant keep up and read quick enough and look at the graphic art.

How do I slow it down?

Deb said...

Thanks for the Flash, TCP & Venkit.

Your new look is great. A banner will do wonders.

krish said...

Dear Sir,

Most of the old posts on Rapidshare have either been deleted or they have just vanished. My request to you would be to post them afresh on Mediafire so that they remain there for other comic book lovers. I tried to download some of the old comics from your blog archives but RS link turn a dud.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Wow. Thanks TCP & Venkit for such a gift.

Change is really very attractive.

Soon my dream will come true: I have a dream to see all till #443 & later rest at least in one language online. As English versions have more readers & many posted than Hindi, certainly soon we will have all.

Once we have it, we can come back to discussion about particular IJC. Otherwise many not participate- many not read it or forget.

Please provide two links (mediafire) if you have opportunities to post High resolution too. There will no need for rescanning or posting again.

I can help you with mediafire links. I made a folder where others & mine links (mediafire) of all IJC posted is collected. Only those IJC which were posted with rapidshare links is not there. It was easier for me to reload all myself, but not wish hard work of any friend is lost. I have all your posts, can upload & send you links.

Pls check folder, soon rename according to number of IJC (but links will remain same as it were posted first time). If you liked the idea, let me know.

P.S. It’s only my suggestion.
Where is your download links? Please put it where one can easily find out.

The Comic Project said...

@Rafiq Raja: 1 page missing, it's a bit important but not the comic can still be read. Haha..yes, you first :-)
@Colonel Worobu: Will be posting both high-res and low-res at comic links. Thanks, had to go through a lot of templates and am happy that I didn't go for a darker background or the colonel would have made my blood freeze or something
@AKNYC: No you aren't first :-( because 2 people above you have already claimed it. This also does not automatically give you third 'coz you have wrongly claimed first. So if someone claims 3rd, you still don't have a position. Weird rules, I know, I wish the keeper of rules was here but he's disappeared.
@AKNYC: I will see how it can be slowed down but you can move the mouse to the bottom of the slideshow and pause it if you like.
@Deb: Thanks a lot. What exactly do you have in mind with banners? Do you mean a Image in the heading..clarify please? I need to work on tweaking the blog, have some things in mind and hoping to implement them in the coming days and weeks, small changes that one may not notice instantly but that's what tweaks do :-)
@krish: Welcome to TCP. I believe this is your first time here? All the ZIP files are on a paid RS account, so they're there as long as I keep paying for it. I checked what you just said, and all links are working. That's what my RS control panel says too. I think you are talking about the JPG thumbnails, yes? Now, that is a little difficult to fix, but I fix whatever I can from time to time. I am also "thinking" of alternate download links and in case something comes up, I will announce it.

The Comic Project said...

@Prabhat: So your suggestions are
1. Mediafire + Rapidshare links
2. Possibly high-res links
3. Rename according to IJC #

First one, I am planning to do. Second as and when available. Third is the painful part and with due respect, I have never been too keen on the exact IJC # as long as the title was right :-) Let me see what I can do.

Download links are available at The link to comiclinks was present on the right sidebar, but I removed it temporarily during redesign. Will be up there soon and more prominently.

The Comic Project said...

@All: I am also planning to enable trafficshare on the last 20-30 comics and see if it helps. It will help readers download directly as the traffic will be taken out of my account :-)

Colonel Worobu said...

Haha TCP :o) I will not freeze your blood or do anything nasty like that. I wear glasses and my eyes get tired and start hurting within a few minutes of reading the black background posts. I just wanted to be thankful that you did not do that as well. The black background does look cool and trendy but very uncomfortable to read.

I have a wish: once all English IJCs are finished, I hope someone like CW revisits them and posts the missing ad/henry/ripleys/littleking pages for each of them. An IJC is never complete without these :o) Also a few of the posted versions were scanned from damaged pages and it will be nice to get a scan from a cleaner copy of the issues. There was one IJC "The Hijackers (phantom)" whose scan is all greenish in every page. Dunno if this is the look of the original IJC or was a scanner problem. Would be nice to get a better scan of this as well.

Another Kiran In NYC said...


The Phantom Head said...

This morning I downloaded a number of comics and strips from mediafire. About 10 downloads simultaneously, each at a near speed of 30 KB/s. Then I tried to download this Flash Gordon Indrajal (current post) in high resolution. Speed was only 7-8 KB/s. It was taking so much time that I had to postpone the download for some future time. A free account does not allow more than one d/l at a time.

Rapidshare "may be" (I have no personal experience) a good depository for the poster's convenience, but from the visitor's point of view, mediafire is a far better choice. Why stick to rs still?

I also second Colonel's opinion regarding a rescan of some earlier posted Indrajals. The earliest attempts were definitely pioneering in this field but some of the scans are not of good quality indeed. Time has changed considerably over the years and with computer screens adopting higher and higher resolutions, the old scans lose their effect and charm in changing scenario. All new scans should be "at least" 1200 px wide in order to keep their impact, that's my opinion.

And I read ComicCrazee's comment on last post. He is an amazing digital artist and has the unofficial contract for designing the banners of IJC blogs. I'm sure if you work with him on some idea, both of you'll be able to produce some splendid result.

Comic World said...

Nice template TCP,feels comfortable for eyes.Its good that you didn't chose that black background,it put a lot of stress over eyes and doesn't enable to concentrate more than few minutes in one stretch on the page.
I agree with Colonel on revisiting the IJCs again in order to capture what has missed earlier.
Soon i will be putting posts in which a single comic will be discussed in detail per post,and in that i will try to supplement what that has been missed earlier.
Happy Col. !!!

The Comic Project said...

@Colonel: CW heard you :-) I really admire your (and others) passion about everything Indrajal especially when I am happy to live with some compromises. If there is a Indrajal # missing, fine, a few covers not in shape, it doesn't kill me. I am not a chronicler or a historian, just someone who enjoys a good read and I guess it shows in my posts. And what you say here makes me want to do a little more to make sure that I have the right balance. And yes, my blood is still flowing, so I know for sure now you won't do anything nasty hehe.

@AKNYC: Yes you are..

@TPH: RS is the best option out there and it's mainly based on experience of various services. Initially RS was THE only option but as others came in, I tried it as a user (not as a uploader) and still found RS was better despite limitations. Mediafire is probably second best and yeah, less of a hassle. I am already in the process of setting up mediafire as part of the site redesign, so hang in there.
@TPH: I received Comicrazee's contribution and it will be implemented soon. It was on the agenda and his contri came in at the right time :-)
@CW: Thanks.Wanted a clean look and by the opinions, it seems I got it right.Didn't know there was another dark-look hater :-)

Anonymous said...

Great look bro and I am happy thatyou again start posting regularly. Please add mediafire link.

Rahul Viswanath said...

TCP reading them has been my fav pass time now !!

Colonel Worobu said...

Thanks CW for the ad&other pages offer! I am happy :o)

a ppcc representative said...

Agree with the earlier comment - new look's easy on the eyes. I'm too new here to give any more constructive crit - but I have been DYING to read some Hindi comic books; any available? My Hindi teacher's always on my case for not reading enough, but the only stuff in Devanagari available here are religious books for kids! Hey, I'm all down with religion, but if only I had some visuals to go with my Ramayan! Heeeelp!

The Comic Project said...

@Anon-Manish: Working on a few other things on the blog and MF is one of the things on my agenda
@Rahul: That is good to hear. Tell your friends about it ;-) Preferably getting them to the site than giving them the ZIP files ;-)
@Colonel: What TCP can't deliver, someone else will. have fun.
@aPPPCr: You should check out Comic World's blog (, he has got a LOT of Hindi stuff although there are a few on TCP - it all kinda started here you know :-) Have a look in TCP archives and check out comicworld, he's got a lot of good stuff.

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