Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Indian in the corridor

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10 and a half years flew by and I feel empty like someone vacuumed my insides. Took a break for 3 day trying to take it easy but that didn't really happen. Today, I started working for a new company. I don't know what to think, don't really have a sense of what to expect and positioning is going to be a different issue altogether, internally or externally.

The dynamics are different. A much smaller company with a work culture I haven't encountered before, where English is not the main language of communication, where names will be hard to remember, say and pronounce.
For the second time in my life, communication is actually going to be a weakness. The usual motivating factors don't apply and what I have is a realization that I am completely out of my comfort zone. This certainly will be the biggest personal and professional challenge that I have faced.

And I am the only Indian in the office :-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time for change

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Have been very busy last few weeks. And it is time for change, not at TCP but for TCP, by TCP. About a few weeks ago, I decided to leave the company I worked for over 10 years, the second longest relationship of my adult life.

This company helped me establish myself as a professional,
took me places I had never dreamed of, allowed me to remain passionate and as crazy as I wanted to be (I did get slapped around a bit but that's maaf) and yet grow at a fairly good pace. My bosses pushed me hard enough to get the best out of me and the last one got me to drink more beers than I could manage :-), had supportive colleagues who backed me up and juniors who slogged it out to meet almost impossible deadlines and in doing so, made me successful. I loved working with each and every one of them even when we sometimes didn't agree and every day at work was something to look forward to.

Between sleeping under the office desk, pouring ice cold water into shirts of unsuspecting colleagues and turning around hopeless situations, taking on more than I could handle most times - I spent 10 fantastic years monkeying around, learning, growing. But this is where it ends I guess, because while there will be other jobs after this, there won't be this one, not like this.


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