Monday, April 28, 2008

The WWEisation of cricket has started...

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I haven't been following IPL to the extent that I don't know who is in which team. The only things that strike me are:
1. The team names are strange, there's no dum in them, i.e. Mumbai
2. The energy seems to be there but would have loved to see a city-specific energy with more local (Ranji) players playing alongside established national and international players, i.e. there are too many bhadotri (on loan) players. I would have loved to root for the Bombay team but I don't know if they are even from Bombay
3. The cheerleaders...neeeeat but guess what? we will see them in doing cartwheels in chudidars etc. their dupattas flying around. That will be fun. But I wonder who will watch.

These aspects and some others are not very new but why do I say "WWEisation"?? Aha!! If you hadn't guessed it by now, it is for the Sreesanth and Harbhajan controversy.
I can imagine one of the khadoos Bombay Ranji players wanting to do that but man, this is really something else.

Visualize this:
Sreesanth : doing a wild breakdance and taunting Harbhajan, who is not from Bombay
Harbhajan: glaring at Sreesanth in Punjabi which our mallu friend doesn't understand or ignores
Sreesanth: taunts Harbhajan again maybe asking him to go do a Bhajan, sticking his tongue out, shaking his butt at him and any other antic you can think of
Harbhajan: walks up to him and "SLAPPPPPPPPP" ----------- "Is thappad ki goonj sunai degi...."

Seriously, do you believe this drama? It is so made up. The cheerleader controversy, OTS controversy (One tight slap) and god knows what else do we have in store.

IPL will be soon called IPwL or IP-AC-L (Indian Professional Actors and Cricketers League). Mandira on TV?

Update on the comics:

1. comics from 161 are gone!!
2. i have to change links from to and that will take about 3-4 days.

I will also start uploading the rest of the comics, i.e. up to 219.

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. Elections in India are fascinating but the colour has gone out in the last 10-15 years. Not so in the US which remains very very interesting. Anything a candidate says will be used against him or her, except for Obama who can do a W.O.R.M, i.e. What Obama Really Meant!! More about such things later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Few more days for comics while I get the "logistics" in place

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Writing this as I have some free time on the train. I am still working on the logistics, you see this was an operation that I had pretty much dismantled. So I ask for your patience. Another request I have is that if you are in contact with some of the old-timers, I would appreciate if you could give them a shout/lead them here?

And how many of you are following the US Democratic party primaries this year? Does it interest you?

It has been quite interesting to watch the proceedings and the phenomenal ascent of Barack Obama. Hope, inspiration, change is what he apparently signifies. He comes across as different, very different - a break from the past, a fantastic orator, can whip up crowds into a frenzy like only the Beatles could (okay - that was exaggerated), Clean and unconnected to dirty politics. If you go through blogs via memeorandum and others, he can do no wrong. He has the support of the media, young voters, the average white collar worker, men and also women. He seems to have the ability to attract and inspire really smart people.

On the other hand, the "inevitable" candidate, Hillary Clinton is seen as a sign of the old dirty politics. She lives and breathes politics, has had her share of scandals and a fair share of Bill Clinton, shed a few tears and her honesty is definitely in question considering the Bosnia flap. She is seen as unprincipled, "will do and say whatever to win", the media unloads on her like she is the devil herself, it is surprising Hugo Chavez isn't having second thoughts.She has also pursued a bad strategy that didn't anticipate this fight and motivated people to go against her because they don't want to be associated with the Clinton years (>). But she also comes across as very smart, "wonky" which is not a bad thing, seems to know her stuff - be it politics, domestic issues like economy, has the support and attracts smart people too.

Barack Obama's value proposition is for another post (?) but Hillary Clinton situation is curious.
I think men are scared of women who come across as commanding, in control and focus more on her flaws, what she looks like/wears as against what she has done or can do. Which drives men to lean towards Barack Obama.

But what about women? This was supposed to be their chance of putting the "most qualified" woman in the world's most powerful office - and they seem to be increasingly rooting for Barack Obama, especially the younger ones.
One would have expected to see women turn out for her in the same way African American voters do so for Barack Obama. They seem to be motivated by looks, charisma, inspiration, soaring oratory and his message of hope and change, and maybe also by some "sixth sense" about Hillary Clinton (?)

A woman once said to me "A woman biggest enemy is a woman", i.e. women will fight for rights, equality and all those things but will be the first to pull another woman down.

en can't deal with a strong woman - no surprises there. Now I also know that neither can a lot of women.

Q: Who is the strongest male PM of India?
A: Indira Gandhi

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Motku gets married on 21st

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So that was indeed 3 years of TCP. I don't know what the rules guys say, "technically" or otherwise.

Thanks everyone for reminding me what I had missed for about 9 months.

A little announcement for a not so little guy - though I haven't seen him in 2 years?



About the comics - I really won't be able to look for what has already been posted at other sites, so expect some repetition. Before the comics, there is unfinished business and I will be trying to get that out of the way in the next few days.

In other news, this Tibet issue is really picking up speed all around the world. I don't know much of the history and the Tibetans probably have a right to feel alienated. China claims it as part of its territory and Tibet/monks are seen as non-violent. Is the newer generation going to be as patient considering the last 50 years haven't delivered freedom? Are we going to see the birth of a new type of extremism/terrorism, i.e. the Buddhist/Tibetan, so that the world pays attention to their position?

And every other celebrity seems to be pained by the Tibetan story - are these protests just an attempt to appear on the right side of a "cause"...i.e. is it fashionable to protest? Or do you think the protests mean anything?

I have no set opinion on Tibet..yet..and my knowledge is limited to the movie "7 years in Tibet" which had Brad Pitt and Danny Denzongpa in it (with baby Dalai Lama) but events in the next few weeks and months will be interesting to watch and it will be difficult not to take sides, however irrelevant our opinion might be. Thoughts anybody?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can I call this 3 years of TCP?

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Many questions. Not many answers. Many comments. No replies.

Eight months and 18 days.

Sorry I went away. Too much anger. Some of the language got to me, the bickering got to me.

Other blogs, I think, have continued giving you much joy by posting comics regularly. I said "I think" because I just didn't log back in.

I think now, TCP is back. I say now "I think" because I have thought of coming back here but couldn't find the motivation, the energy. Today of all days, at 1 AM India time, I told IP - I want to start again.

This is like April 17, 2005 when no one knew about TCP and now I don't expect many to be visiting.
I am not sure if there is still a need, but in the next few weeks I will post a comic.

First there are some reasons/excuses to be given to set the record straight. Then there are those several hundred unanswered comments. And then, next month there will be comics - not as frequent but it will be here.

I hope you will have me back.

Missed you all,

P.S: Comment moderation is off. I want to keep it off. Fight with each other like kids, pull each other's hair, bawl like a baby, but try not to abuse.

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