Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's happening to Bombay? - A note on some positives

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As I sit here on a sunday afternoon, looking at Star News and its coverage of continuing disaster all around, I can't help but think of a couple of positive things in the last few days, without which things could have been worse. Power has been restored here, water too although very little and every drop precious. Fortunately, water conservation is something that both TCP and IP have grown up with, and all those who live where TCP/IP live. Washed some clothes and used the same water for the toilet ;-). Filled up clean water in a vessel and used it to wash the dishes as running water would lead to more usage/wastage. Interesting huh? TCP's mom taught him this when he was little.

Anyway, to move to the positives. Two things that really may have made a difference.
1. The relentless effort of the local authorities for restoring basic supplies of electricity and water. The work put in by the Fire brigade and the Police. I understand that many places still dont have it, but the lucky ones have a lot to owe to the receding water levels in these areas. And to the local authorities. These people have sprung into action wherever and whenever possible, and worked non-stop, day and night, to restore these basic necessities. Now, we can blame the government, the municipality, the rain or the rest of the world, but let's take a moment here to give a little credit to the tireless work put in by these people. I was witness to some good work put in by the fire brigade when I was caught between two horribly water-logged areas all night, and a fast rising surging river under me, and there seemed no escape. But first thing in the morning, the fire brigade with the help of the locals, made every possible arrangement to help people get out of the nasty situation they were in all night. TCP salutes the Fire Brigade, the Police and the Local Authorities for doing the best they could under the circumstances. Next time please, please, please, be prepared and don't let this happen to us. We pay 50,000 crores each year and some day, we are going to claim our pound of flesh. God help you.

2. The opposition parties. I know I am speaking too soon, because two days from now, the Shiv Sena and BJP are going to cry themselves hoarse about the government screwing up. But frankly, the restraint these people have shown in the last 5 days, not appearing on TV and barking like rabid dogs, is worth admiring. But this will last only for another 48 hours I think. But as long as it lasts, TCP thanks them for keeping their mouth shut and not politicizing this issue until now.

TCP's prediction for 2 days later: Arun Jaitley, Prakash Javdekar, the "meow meow" tiger cubs - since Narayan Rane has chosen Congress (I) - holding press conferences and asking for the resignation of the central and state government for its FAILURE.

Btw, I got a email from Doctorsaab, and he had a bad experience. He was stuck for almost 2 nights and he got back home on thursday morning at 2 AM. Doctorsaab, hope you get back to work and start treating those patients soon.

As I conclude, my thoughts are with a colleague of mine whose family has been terribly affected, and he has lost everything. While there is nothing I can do to help him now, I pray that god gives him and his family the strength to tide over this crisis, and come back out fighting to reclaim what they have lost. I know he doesnt know this blog even exists, but I can't help writing a few lines for him. Forgive me readers, for bringing in something not so relevant in here.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Comic #27: Mandrake - Aleena The Enchantress - Part 1

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Internet connection still extremely bad. No water in the house. But would that stop TCP from releasing a new comic? No!!! Another TCP Original on schedule. This one is about Aleena - The Enchantress. Like someone posted a comment, she has a crush on Mandrake and will do anything to get to him. She has also married 7-8 times (Liz Taylor?) and all her husbands are her slaves!!!! The comic is in two parts. I will be posting Part 1 today and Part 2 in a couple of days, please bear with me. I have some real good releases lined up, just waiting for a reliable internet connection to prepare them for release. Misraji and Josh from T.O, your contributions will come up soon. I loved them soo much.

Hey Joe, Good to hear that you got back to Bangalore safe and sound. Doctorsaab, you ok? Mumbai Comics Club Members? What about you guys? While the last 4 days have been bad for the city, one thing that shines through yet again is the grit of the people here. For some reason, many who got back home were do I get to work tomorrow? and not Should I go to work tomorrow? This city has the best work ethic in the country, and this is why. There's practically nothing going for the working professional here. Crowded trains..traffic jams...the heat...rain...punishing work hours...but life goes on, irrespective of the profession, be it a dabbawalla, a doodhwala, a peon, a clerk, a news reporter, a executive in an obscure firm, a software professional, banker or a filmstar. But day after day, each one of us does everything it takes to get a better life and if it means hanging out of a crowded train or a be it. I think its crazy, but that's what makes the city tick.

This release is for every suburb within and outside the Bombay city limits that adds it own different touch to the city. From Karjat-Kasara to Ambarnath-Ulhasnagar, from Kalyan-Dombivli to Thane-Mulund, Ghatkopar-Kurla to Dadar-Sion-Matunga to Byculla-Sandhurst Road and Chinchpokli, from Vashi-Nerul-CBD to Chunnabhatti and Wadala, from Virar-Vasai to Borivli-Kandivli and from Goregaon-Malad to Vileparle-Santacruz to Andheri-Bandra to Mahim to Charni Road-Grant Road-Marine Lines to V.T and Churchgate. Sorry guys, stuck to the railway stations :-)


Thursday, July 28, 2005

All's well that ends well

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60 hours without power. 54 hours with a horrible mobile service (C'mon Orange - BPL and Airtel were working atleast for some time). 48 hours without the internet. 30 hours without water. 18 hours and 2 biscuits. 12 hours in bad traffic stuck between a surging river and high water levels. But more importantly, 48 hours between the last post and this one.

My last post was all wooohoooo and all that, but these were the worst rains I have ever ever seen. Had relatives and friends stuck in various places across Bombay, but by god's grace, all are safe. More later.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's raining cats and dogs in Bombay

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wooooooooooooohhooooooooo I am in the office now. I can't go home because the approach road to the house is flooded. yayyyyyyyyyy. Wow. I love this place. Bombay beats everything yaar, every damn city this country's got to offer. Btw kiddo, you should've been here. These rains are too good too miss. It's raining sooooooooooo heavily that I want to just go out and get wet. But I can't :-( I will be pulled up if I do something that does not match my age. Heck!! Haven't they seen this comic blog yet? If I can do this, why can't I get wet?

After a zillion attempts, I got through to IP and she says that the ground floor of the neighbouring building is almost flooded. This morning when I woke up, I saw that the doodhwala stuck a extra litre of milk in my safety door grill and wondered why the hell does he have to do this? Must be a new doodh delivery wala who doesn't know that if there is no plastic cover outside the house, it means I dont want milk. But then it turns out that he did the right thing. Now there's enough milk in the house for IP to get her fill of filter coffee. The sad part is, there's no power for the last 6 hours, the landline is dead, the mobile phone service is not really working now and IP all alone at home :-( And I will go to my mother's house which means that no internet tonight. Ouch!!!

The office is practically empty, just a few people scattered across various floors waiting for the next transport at 8 PM. And I should be getting into a call very soon. So until then, read Rip Kirby. Btw, have you heard of Aleena the Enchantress? :-)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Comic #26: Rip Kirby - The Dangerous Adversary - TCP Original

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Sunday 5 PM. Waiting for the Hockenheim F1 race to start, and hoping that there's no powercut. 5 PM the damn thing is supposed to happen. C'mon McLaren. C'mon Kimi. Win this one. I'm a McLaren fan, from the days Ayrton Senna drove a McLaren Honda and switched to Williams in '94 before his accident and death. There was a fantastic PC game called GPCGA (CGA - Colour Graphics Adapter?) or GPEGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter). I always selected the McLaren Honda team, Red and White coloured, and spun off at some hard-to-negotiate corner.

Those were the days of floppy boot-ups, 286 and a 386 required a math co-processor (387) to run something like 3D studio. A 286 was frankly, the McLaren of the day and one who used it was seen in a different light. I remember people talking in hushed tones about someone who had a 286 in his office: "He works on a 286". Awesome huh? More about it some other time. It's Rip Kirby time now.

He would feel out of place if he seems himself online. Nothing super-heroish about this chap, just smart, standard good versus evil. This one is called The Dangerous Adversary. Hope you like it.

Oh another thing...Have you heard about the Mumbai Comics Club (I prefer Bombay)? Send aa email to and join their group. You won't regret it.

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