Sunday, June 26, 2005

Comic #19: The Story of Hero - Reader Contribution: Doctorsaab

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Ah!!! Sunday morning!! Had a great evening yesterday, with 9 of us friends going out, though we missed one. Woke up at 10:30, brushed my teeth (verrrrry important), heating the milk now and sitting in front of the computer to post a new title.

I am also planning to start a blog membership kinda thing so that I can send out notification whenever a new comic is posted. But dont know: (a) how to go about it. (b) if anyone will be interested in it. Let me know

Guys, this might be the last "non-indrajal" post here unless it is a original scan by any of the contributors. As a project, I somehow feel it makes more sense to post original scans to give some kind of a unique flavour to the blog. Hope everyone understands. This is a great comic and real fun to read. Thankyou Doctorsaab.


Me said...


This is phenomenal. This is something that i have been looking for - for so long.

I am 29 / m from Chennai India nd had been wanting to collect the original Mandrake ( my most fav childhood hero ) and phantom comics. I have been searching and searching and have not got any.

And then i tumbled to your site. With my kind of bandwidth, i am finding it difficult to download each page.



Please..... ( My email is given below.)

Kudos for this effort.


jax said...

Comic project is simply amazing!! Great job!:)

Ashwin Baliga said...

Another great comic from Dr.Saab. Thanks!

DesiGuru said...

I welcome the idea of posting original scans on the page, but i think if someone wants to put up a copy of Phantom Comics from his collection, they can always put a link here in the comment area. Or maybe TCP can post just the links on main page. I do want original scans to be posted here, but I also know there are still a lot of other people, who does not have a collection of Phantom comics (scan of international editions), which some of us have. and I know how hard it was to build up my collection, I can not forget the sleepless nights spend on searching and downloading the comics from 100s of different sources. Learn how to use DC++, IRC, Torrents without getting virus or spywares on my PC, keeping my PC safe while walking to the dark side of internet. browsing till the last page of google search result.... I know how hard it was for me, and I still does not have all which is available out there. So, I do like the idea of posting other scans as well, maybe not as the regular post, but in the comments section. I do think its better if TCP can just put the links uploaded by others for non-original scans.

Also, we are yet to see any hindi comics here so far, as there were lots of non-original scans were posted recently. My two hindi indrajal scans are with TCP, shud be posted soon.

TCP, consider my suggestions and let us know what do u think...

Anonymous said...

Desiguru, TCP and others,

I would personally like to see only Indrajals/Indian Comics out here. The rest can be reserved for IRC.

IRC is easy to use - people just need to get off their asses and start using it. If they are that keen on reading Phantoms, then I'm sure that they will.

Therefore, if you have comics you'd like to share, set up an Fserv, and share them :) If any of you need help in doing so, just ask in the channel (#indrajal on EFNet)


The Comic Project said...

i am with you desiguru
We shall definitely provide links to non-original stuff (With due acknowledgement/credit), by non-original i mean, comics that we didnt scan ourselves...and it will be on the blog page and not on the comments page :-)

DesiGuru said...

TCP, here are the list of links posted by icycrazydesi which I think shud be on the BLog page so that people can get the links without searching into comment pages.

first contribution of the phantom:
3 phantom comics enjoy !!!
#30 - the secret of the golden ransom
#31 - the phantom of shang-ri-la
#32 - the pharoah phantom
King comics (issues #26,27 and 28)

6 comics in 31 mb.(approx 5mb per comic issue)
king comic issues # 18-19-20-22-23-25

DesiGuru said...

Here is another upload from me:
Phantom & Mandrake Weddings

This is BW Daily Strips featuring Phantom and Mandrake Weddings. non-original.

I have already send TCP my original scans (two in hindi and one in English), he will post those soon.


Gummi Bear Den said...

Desiguru, the first contribution of Phantom link is giving the following message from megaupload,

Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.

Can you please re-upload it again.


ghoshbaba said...

Please add me to your mailing list. I am not sure if you can add us to a mailing list, though there might be some way in which we can choiose to receive notifications.

If there is no such way, please start an e group at etc

da_undead said...

This is simply awesomme man !!

I have been looking for this kinda comics forever. Thanks for starting such a great blog !!
Plzz dont stop

Spartan said...

I love your site. Phantom is my favorite character and you provide a lot of Phantom Comics so thanks.

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